Windows 11’s File Explorer Receives Major Photo Management Update

Gabbie Odonkor

Windows 11 is bringing a fresh update to File Explorer, one of the most crucial applications for file management on the operating system. Microsoft is now working on an additional improvement by introducing a photo gallery view, which will allow users to view their pictures more easily and efficiently.

With the new gallery view, Windows 11 users will now be able to access their recent photos stored in a grid layout by clicking on the Gallery option in the sidebar menu. The gallery will show images from the user’s PC’s files, as well as mixed in with photos from their OneDrive cloud storage. If a user has camera backups enabled in the OneDrive app on their phone, recent images will appear automatically in the gallery view.

This new gallery view feature will make it easier for users to find their recent photos across all applications without searching through folders or using the system search. Furthermore, the gallery view will also be available as an option inside the file picker in other applications.

The new gallery view is currently in its early stages of testing, so it might take some time before it rolls out to all Windows 11 computers. Additionally, Microsoft is testing an updated codebase for File Explorer that uses WinUI 3 instead of WinUI 2.

Windows 11's Latest Update Brings New Gallery View to File Explorer

This update is a significant improvement to the Windows 11 File Explorer, which has been mostly left alone since Windows 8 and 10. The new gallery view feature will provide a fresh, streamlined approach to managing and viewing photos on Windows 11. The new update is expected to be welcomed by Windows 11 users, particularly those who deal with a lot of photos on a daily basis.

In conclusion, Microsoft continues to work on enhancing the user experience on Windows 11, and this new gallery view feature in File Explorer is a step in the right direction. It will make it easier for users to access and manage their photos, particularly when working with multiple applications simultaneously. We can expect to see more updates and improvements to the Windows 11 operating system in the coming months.

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