The New iMac: A Game-Changer in Desktop Computing?

Gabbie Odonkor

Apple fans can expect an updated iMac with a third-generation in-house silicon processor to hit the shelves later this year, according to Bloomberg’s latest PowerOn newsletter. While the iMac introduced in April 2021 marked Apple’s desktop switch away from Intel to its own ARM processor, it did not receive the yearly chip refresh that many expected. However, the upcoming iMac is rumoured to be armed with the M3 processor, skipping the M2 generation entirely. This would make it one of the first Mac computers with the M3 series processor, which is expected to offer notable performance and efficiency improvements over the M1 generation.

The report also states that the new iMac will feature some internal component redesigns, and the positions of the components have been shifted under the chassis. However, the design is expected to remain the same, and the colour options will be the same as the 2021 model. The screen size is also likely to remain 24 inches, with no mention of a more powerful 27-inch iMac Pro.

New iMac: A Game-Changer in Desktop Computing?

According to Gurman, the iMac has reportedly entered the pre-production stage, and the model is expected to enter production after three months. Based on Apple’s product launch timeline over the past few years, the expected release date for the new iMac falls within the fall of 2023.

Apple fans can look forward to a more powerful iMac with improved performance and efficiency, thanks to the M3 processor and redesigned internal components. While the design is expected to remain the same, the upgraded chip will make it a solid upgrade over the current-gen M1-based iMac.

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