Myst is coming to iOS in a revamped, three-dimensional form.

Gabbie Odonkor
Indie studio Cyan is bringing its latest Myst remaster to iOS. Image: Cyan

Myst will soon be accessible on iOS in a revamped, three-dimensional form. The game that bothered and pleased us decades ago will be made available there.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic puzzle game Myst, which now has a new method to play: on your iOS smartphone. Myst Mobile is based on the remastered version of the original that was published a few years ago for Oculus headsets and PCs.

The new iOS port will be compatible with iPhones and iPads equipped with A12 bionic chipsets and newer, allowing you to experience the mind-numbing pain of turning dials and seeking switches wherever you carry your phone. Compatible iPhones include the XS, XS Max, XR, and subsequent models, as well as the eighth-generation iPad, third-generation iPad Air, and fifth-generation iPad Mini and later models.

<em>The latest version of <em>Myst<em> gets an Unreal Engine glow up<em> Image Cyan

Myst mobile ports have been around for a long. Since 2000, there has been a Masterpiece version with point-and-click visuals of the original, which was eventually superseded by realMyst, which added 3D graphics. This version of Myst was designed for higher-resolution displays and created using Unreal Engine, so everything seems more photo-realistic.

The new version will be free to download, and you will be able to play through the game’s initial area, Myst Island, for free for as long as you like. To see any of the other sites, you must purchase the complete edition for $14.99.

If you were the type of indoor child who spent countless hours on your parents’ PC solving incomprehensible riddles and clicking around the game’s locales (hey, it’s me), that’s a very simple 15 dollars to justify paying. Cyan has yet to announce a precise launch date, so we’ll have to wait for now.

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