Lost your Instagram Messages? Here are 8 Free Methods to Recover Them in 2023

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Find Your Lost Instagram Messages: 8 Free Ways to Recover Deleted Messages in 2023

In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Instagram, in particular, has become a popular platform for sharing photos, videos, and stories with friends and followers. However, sometimes we accidentally delete important Instagram messages, leaving us with a sense of regret and frustration. Fortunately, there are ways to recover deleted Instagram messages, and in this article, we will discuss eight free methods to do so in 2023.

Check the ‘Recently Deleted folder

Instagram now has a feature called ‘Recently Deleted,’ which is designed to help users recover deleted photos, videos, and messages. To access this folder, go to your profile page, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, and select ‘Settings.’ From there, choose ‘Account,’ then ‘Recently Deleted.’ If your deleted messages are still in this folder, you can select them and click ‘Restore.’

Check your device’s backups

If you have enabled device backups on your phone, you may be able to recover deleted Instagram messages through this method. You can check your phone’s backup settings and restore the Instagram app to an earlier version. This may restore the deleted messages that were present in the older version of the app.

Use a third-party Instagram message recovery tool

There are several third-party tools available on the internet that claim to recover deleted Instagram messages. Some popular options include iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery, U.Fone IOS Toolkit, and Instagram message recovery app. These tools work by scanning your device’s storage for deleted Instagram messages and restoring them.

Top 3 third-party tools for Instagram Message Recovery

1. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery
iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

The iBeesoft app is designed to work seamlessly with various Apple devices such as iPhones, iPod touch, and iPads, as well as iTunes and iCloud. One of its standout features is the ability to create a backup file for your iPhone, allowing for secure storage of important data. Another benefit of using iBeesoft is the ease with which you can recover deleted Instagram messages. With this app, you can restore lost messages on your iPhone with just a few simple steps.

  1. Download and install iBeesoft on your computer. The app is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Launch iBeesoft and click on the “Recover from iOS Device” option.
  3. Select the file types you want to recover. In this case, select “Messages” and any other relevant data you want to retrieve.
  4. Click on the “Scan” button and wait for the app to scan your iPhone for the selected data types.
  5. Once the scanning process is complete, you’ll be able to view all the recoverable messages in the iBeesoft interface. Select the deleted Instagram messages you want to recover and click on the “Recover” button.
  6. Choose a location on your computer to save the recovered Instagram messages.
  7. Wait for the recovery process to complete, and then navigate to the chosen location to access your recovered Instagram messages.

That’s it! With iBeesoft, recovering deleted Instagram messages is a straightforward and hassle-free process.

    2. U.Fone IOS Toolkit
    U.Fone IOS Toolkit

    U.Fone is a data recovery app that is only available on iOS devices, and it can be an excellent option if you need to recover various types of data from your iPhone. Apart from Instagram messages, U.Fone can also help you recover other types of data, including contacts, videos, photos, and more.

    Using U.Fone is relatively simple, and it can quickly scan your device’s storage to locate any deleted files. Once it has completed the scan, it will present you with a list of all recoverable files, which you can preview before you choose to restore them. This is useful because it allows you to ensure that you are recovering the correct files before you commit to the recovery process.

    One advantage of using U.Fone is that it supports the recovery of data from a range of iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Additionally, it supports various iOS versions, making it a versatile tool for anyone who needs to recover deleted data from their iOS device.

    1. Install U.Fone on your iOS device: Go to the App Store and search for U.Fone. Download and install the app on your iPhone.
    2. Launch U.Fone: Once U.Fone is installed, launch the app on your iPhone.
    3. Connect your iPhone to your computer: Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.
    4. Select the type of data you want to recover: From the U.Fone interface, select the type of data that you want to recover, such as photos, contacts, videos, or Instagram messages.
    5. Scan your device: Click on the ‘Scan’ button to begin the scanning process. This may take some time, depending on how much data you need to recover.
    6. Preview the recoverable data: Once the scanning process is complete, U.Fone will display a list of all recoverable data. You can preview the data to ensure that you are selecting the correct files.
    7. Select and recover the data: Choose the data you want to recover and click on the ‘Recover’ button. U. Fone will begin the recovery process, which may take several minutes.
    8. Save the recovered data: Once the recovery process is complete, U.Fone will prompt you to save the recovered data to your computer.
      3. Instagram message recovery app
      Instagram message recovery app

      This tool is quite easy to use and, unlike iBeesoft and Jason Genie, doesn’t require app downloads.

      How to use Instagram message recovery: 

      1. First, log in to your Ig account.
      2. Then go to Instagram Message Recovery Online, enter your username, and click. “Recover messages”
      3. Then enter the process of verifying the person.
      4. Finally, you can recover deleted messages.

      Use Instagram data download

      Instagram allows you to download all your data from their platform, including your messages. To do this, go to your profile page, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, and select ‘Settings.’ From there, choose ‘Security,’ then ‘Download Data.’ This will download all your data, including your messages, in a zip file that you can extract.

      • Open the Instagram application on your device and sign in to your account.
instagram message recovery
      • To access your profile settings on Instagram, start by tapping on your profile icon, which is usually located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, tap the menu icon, which looks like three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. From the menu, select ‘Settings’ to access and modify your Instagram account settings.
how to recover deleted chats on instagram
      • Choose “Security” from the options provided.
      • Once you have accessed the Instagram Settings, select the ‘Security’ tab, and scroll down to the ‘Data and History’ section. From here, you can tap on the ‘Download Data’ option. This will initiate the process of downloading all your Instagram data, including your messages, photos, videos, and stories. Once the download is complete, Instagram will notify you via email, and you can extract the zip file containing your data. It is essential to note that this process may take some time, depending on the amount of data that you have on your account.
how to recover deleted instagram chats on android
      • Enter the email you want to receive information from and click the Request Download button.
instagram message recovery site review
      • Enter your Instagram password to confirm the download, tap Next, then Done.
      • Upon receiving the email, which includes your account information and a message, you can expect to receive a download button within 48 hours. Simply open the email and click the download button to proceed.
are instagram messages deleted forever

      To download your Instagram data, first, open your web browser and navigate to the Instagram login page. Once you have entered your login credentials, you will be directed to your Instagram account. If you cannot see the ‘Download Data’ button, log out of your account, and then log back in. This will refresh the page, and the button should reappear. Click on the ‘Download Data’ button, and your data will begin downloading. It may take some time depending on the amount of data you have on your account.

      Check your email for Instagram notifications

      If you have enabled email notifications for Instagram, you may be able to recover deleted messages from your email. Instagram sends notifications for direct messages, so you can search your email for these notifications and recover the deleted messages from them.

      Contact Instagram support

      If none of the above methods works, you can contact Instagram support for help. They may be able to recover your deleted messages, but this is not a guaranteed method.

      Use a data recovery software

      If you have deleted your Instagram messages and have no backup, data recovery software can help you recover the messages from your device’s storage. Popular data recovery software includes Recuva, Disk Drill, and Stellar Data Recovery.

      Check your Instagram archive

      Instagram has a feature called ‘Archive’ that allows you to hide posts and stories from your profile without deleting them. You can check your archive to see if your deleted messages are present there. To do this, go to your profile page, click on the clock icon in the top right corner, and select ‘Archive.’

      In conclusion, accidentally deleting important Instagram messages can be a frustrating experience, but there are several free methods to recover them. These methods include checking the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder, using third-party Instagram message recovery tools, using Instagram data download, checking your email for notifications, contacting Instagram support, using data recovery software, and checking your Instagram archive. By using these methods, you can recover your deleted Instagram messages and regain peace of mind.

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