Latest Samsung Update: How to enable and use Maintenance mode on your Samsung Galaxy device?

Gabbie Odonkor

Samsung update, OneUI 5, based on Android 13, has brought a host of new features to Galaxy devices, including lock screen customisation, sleep mode, and stack widgets on home screens. One standout feature that Samsung has introduced is Maintenance mode, which provides enhanced security for your data in certain situations, such as when sending your phone in for repairs or lending it to someone else.

Enabling Maintenance mode on your Galaxy smartphone running on OneUI 5.0 is straightforward. First, navigate to the Settings menu and tap on Battery and device care. From there, toggle the switch for Maintenance mode on. Your device will then restart in this selected mode.

When activated, Maintenance mode creates a separate user account that only allows access to specific device features, such as pre-installed apps. This feature ensures that unauthorised users cannot access sensitive data such as photos and videos. Additionally, any apps downloaded in this mode are automatically deleted once the user returns to normal mode.

If you want to disable Maintenance mode, simply open the notification panel and tap on the Maintenance mode notification. The device will restart, and it will be back to normal. Note that unauthorised users will not be able to disable Maintenance mode via a simple restart as successful identification of a fingerprint or another biometric is required to exit the mode.

When Maintenance mode is enabled, a system log is automatically created to assist Samsung’s repair personnel in resolving any issues. This feature enhances the overall security of your device and gives you peace of mind. Authorised users can easily disable Maintenance mode whenever they wish, making it a flexible and practical feature for users.

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