iOS 16.5, Get to know about the new changes and features

This update is expected to be one of the final updates before the highly anticipated iOS 17 is released at WWDC in June.

Gabbie Odonkor

Apple has been hard at work on their latest iOS update, with iOS 16.5 now in internal testing. This update is expected to be one of the final updates before the highly anticipated iOS 17 is released at WWDC in June. If you’re curious about what to expect from iOS 16.5, read on for all the details! We’ll be discussing the features and changes that this update will bring, and what users should keep an eye out for.

1) New Emojis

Apple is reportedly planning to add a slew of new emojis in the upcoming iOS 16.5 update. The emoji set will include new skin tones, facial expressions, and hairstyles that reflect the diversity of its users. It is expected to include over 200 new emojis, including various genders, ages, and skin tones. Apple has also announced support for interracial couples and families, as well as disabilities. The new emojis are likely to be available on all Apple devices, from iPhones to iPads and Macs. Additionally, users will be able to customize the appearance of their favorite emoji by adjusting their skin tone and hairstyle.

2) AirPods 3

Rumors have been circulating that the upcoming AirPods 3 could be the next big thing in Apple’s audio lineup. It’s believed that the new earbuds could feature a more compact design, as well as improved battery life and audio quality.

They’re also said to support active noise cancellation and will come with better water resistance. These new AirPods are expected to be powered by Apple’s own H1 chip, which would bring faster connection speeds and improved power efficiency. With iOS 16.5, it’s possible we’ll see the initial support for AirPods 3, although the full launch might not take place until iOS 17.

4) Camera Improvements

Apple is reportedly making improvements to the Camera app in iOS 16.5. According to reports, these improvements will include faster photo capture speeds, improved image processing and better low-light performance. Users should also expect a new ProRAW format, which will give users more control over their images and allow for greater editing potential.

Other features may include a new mode for taking long-exposure photos and an enhanced portrait mode. Apple is also rumored to be adding support for 4K video recording at 60fps, as well as the ability to zoom in while recording video. These camera improvements will be welcome news for photographers and videographers who rely on their iPhones to take high-quality images and videos.

3) Siri Improvements

Apple appears to be making several improvements to the popular digital assistant in iOS 16.5. Users will be able to access more information quicker and more accurately with the updated Siri. Apple is making changes to improve accuracy, speed, and overall user experience.

One of the major updates is the addition of Shortcuts. This allows users to customize the way they use Siri. With Shortcuts, you can create custom phrases that trigger different tasks like setting a timer, playing music, or even getting directions.

Another big change is that Siri will now have better integration with apps. Users will be able to ask questions and make requests directly from within third-party apps without having to leave the app.

Finally, Apple is also updating Siri’s voice recognition technology. The improved voice recognition technology should enable Siri to understand more words and phrases, allowing it to provide more accurate responses.

Overall, these improvements should make using Siri more enjoyable and useful. Apple is constantly striving to make Siri more useful, and these updates in iOS 16.5 should help move them closer to that goal.

6) iCloud+

Apple is introducing iCloud+ to the market, a paid subscription service that will be included in iOS 16.5. iCloud+ offers several new features, including HomeKit Secure Video, which allows users to securely store video recordings from their home security cameras in iCloud and view them on any device. iCloud+ also provides an expanded set of Apple Music features, including higher-quality streaming, personalized playlists, and more.

Additionally, iCloud+ subscribers will have access to the Private Relay service, which will mask your IP address when browsing the web and allow you to access certain services that are usually blocked by your provider.

Finally, iCloud+ will include expanded storage options and additional security features like two-factor authentication for increased protection of your data.

5) Home Screen Changes

Apple is now testing iOS 16.5 internally, which means that there are a few home screen changes that could be included in the update. It’s likely that the update will include a new way of organizing your app icons on the home screen. This could mean being able to group apps together in folders, or even the ability to make custom app icons.

Additionally, there may be an easier way to access settings on the home screen, without having to leave the page. It could also include new wallpapers and animations when you open or close apps.

Finally, rumors are circulating that the iOS 16.5 update could include a new App Library feature, which would organize all of your apps into one place and allow you to search for apps more easily.
Overall, it looks like Apple has some exciting home screen changes in store for iOS 16.5 before we transition to iOS 17 later this year. Keep an eye out for more details as the update nears its release date.

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