Dead Space: Chapter 11 Walkthrough

Dead Space (2023) is the action-packed remake many fans never imagined we’d get. Across its dozen chapters, just enough is altered to feel fresh whilst the core experience is hauntingly familiar. Our walkthrough coverage nears its end with Chapter 11, ‘Alternate Solutions’.

With the Hunter gone and Isaac willing to work with Kyne, it’s time to embark on a magical ride. The opponent? A massive hivemind responsible for all the carnage aboard the Ishimura. The odds? Slim, but if we’ve done a decent enough job, they’d be that much thinner without our guide in your arsenal.

Marker Transfer

Head back to Bridge Tram Station and take a ride to Flight Deck Tram Station. Now make your way to the Cargo Bay. Here, you’ll find an elevator – activate it to go down a floor. From the elevator, hang a left, and use Kinesis on the crates to retrieve the Peng Statue from the locker. That’ll nab a cool 30k, no joke.

Access the terminal here in the Cargo Bay. The Marker is released, but it’s going to encounter some turbulence along the way. Not only will you be killing some Necromorphs (of course), but it will also require you to move a bridge at one point with its corresponding console. Nothing too fraught. You’ll also bump into an incident in which the Marker’s trapped within tendrils. Isaac’s guns will be put to good use per usual.

Hanging Loose

Exit the zone and make for the Flight Lounge via the tram system. Expect a quarantine stage. Deal with your foes as you see fit, reaching Flight Deck Two afterward. Once the shuttle arrives, another snafu occurs, because this is Dead Space we’re playing; do as Isaac says, following your indicator to a spot where you can lower the gravity and go for another aerial excursion.

Merely investigating the Marker won’t be enough, though it does at least release its clamps. Float leftward to locate a battery and its corresponding socket. With the local circuit breaker juiced, you can tap into it to power up Cargo Rail Tracks. Above you are a trio of terminals. Your job is to rotate the rails whenever necessary so that the Marker has a nice and easy trip to its destination.

Kill the Necromorphs that emerge each time they appear, as the Marker will never finish its course without a little help from your trigger finger.

Point Of No Remorse

A bevy of revelations ensues, pitching Dead Space’s creeping plot into overdrive. After the chat with Daniels, another pops up with Nicole. Go meet with her, but be warned – boarding the shuttle is the game’s point of no return. It’s all or nothing now. This was a short chapter, but packed with big moments. The finale is one big moment through and through. Finish exploring the Ishimura to your heart’s content, and then read on for our coverage of Chapter 12.

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