Could this be a new era in AI as Google, Alibaba and Baidu are working on ChatGPT rival

Gabbie Odonkor

The tech elite are all diving into AI technology, and it is gradually becoming clear how the future will look.

To start with, Microsoft and Google recently announced AI-powered search tools, and Chinese companies are quickly following suit. While ecommerce giant Alibaba tells CNBC that it is developing a ChatGPT competitor, gaming company NetEase says it also wants to develop a generative AI product. This will be a long year.

Alibaba has revealed that it is developing a competitor to ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot that has sparked worldwide interest. Alibaba stated that its own product is currently being tested internally.

The Chinese e-commerce giant, told CNBC on Wednesday that it is developing a competitor to ChatGPT, joining the flurry of tech firms that have jumped on the chatbot bandwagon.

According to a company spokesperson, the company is developing ChatGPT-style technology, which is currently being tested internally.

Also this week, Google announced Bard, its artificial intelligence chatbot technology, as part of a “code red” response to ChatGPT’s challenge.

Baidu, the Chinese search giant, announced this week that it is testing its own chatbot, dubbed “Ernie bot” in English and “Wenxin Yiyan” in Chinese. The announcement sent shares soaring, demonstrating investor enthusiasm for the technology.

NetEase, one of China’s largest gaming companies, announced on Wednesday that its education subsidiary Youdao has been working on generative AI.

According to a company spokesperson, the company is considering using large language models in some of its educational productions.

NetEase has not stated whether it will launch a ChatGPT competitor. It stated that some of its new products will be announced soon, but no specific date was given.

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