Beware of the Latest Scam in Ghana: Unlimited Internet Bundles at Unbelievably Low Prices

Gabbie Odonkor

Beware of the Latest Scam in Ghana – Scammers have become more creative in their attempts to defraud people for their hard-earned money. The latest scam making rounds in Ghana involves the sale of unlimited internet bundles at extremely low prices. It is important for Ghanaians to be aware of this scam and avoid falling prey to these fraudsters.

The scammers advertise unlimited internet bundles for sale at unbelievably low prices, claiming to have packages for all major mobile networks in Ghana, including MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo, and Glo. They offer 10GB for just 30 Ghana Cedis, which is less than half the price offered by legitimate network providers.

The scammers ask potential victims to contact them via WhatsApp or phone call to make a purchase. Once the victim shows interest in buying the internet bundle, the scammer will send a request for payment. The victim will then be instructed to send the money via mobile money, with the promise that they will receive a code that will allow them to activate the internet bundle.

Beware of the Latest Scam in Ghana

After sending the money, the victim receives an OTP or code via expressPay, which the scammer asks them to provide over the phone. Once the code is given, the scammer disappears, and the victim’s money in their mobile wallet is gone. Beware of the Latest Scam in Ghana

In addition to selling the internet bundles, the scammers also claim to offer training on how to set up a similar data business to make a profit. They ask their victims to purchase a sim card and register with them, promising to provide all the necessary details required for the transaction.

Beware of the Latest Scam in Ghana – It is important to note that these offers are too good to be true. Legitimate network providers in Ghana do not sell unlimited internet bundles at such low prices. It is crucial to always verify the authenticity of any offer before making any payments.

Look at a Practical confirmation:

To avoid falling victim to this scam, be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. Always verify the legitimacy of any offer by contacting the relevant service providers or by conducting online research. Do not provide any personal information or make any payments without first verifying the authenticity of the offer.

In conclusion, awareness is key to avoiding these kinds of scams. Spread the word to family and friends to help protect them from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes. Stay vigilant and always verify the legitimacy of any offers before making any payments.

Beware of the Latest Scam in Ghana

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